Marian Spier

My background includes several years working in communication, commercial operations and higher education. Today, my work focuses on projects that have social impact and create cultural change. I love seeing people excel and I’m driven to encourage and inspire others for the better. As an advocate for inclusion, my work often centers around giving back and creating opportunities for those less privileged. As the founder of TEDxAmsterdamWomen and FEM-START, I’ve been fortunate to create space for women, millennials and entrepreneurs worldwide to have their voices heard. Whether it’s speaking, coaching, consulting or in my role as a board member, my work brings me into contact with many people from different paths. As a social entrepreneur, impact is my biggest motivation.

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Stichting Museum Zaken
Terweeweg 1
2341 CL Oegstgeest
KVK: 71413804


Stichting Museum Zaken is een culturele stichting, ter bevordering van de onderlinge samenwerking van erfgoedinstellingen.